Firm History

Joseph M. Martinous started the firm with one paralegal, one client and a real desire to help real people.

Mr. Martinous established the following philosophies and core values that continue to govern the firm:

  • Serve our clients with honesty, dedication, and kindness.
  • Promptly return client calls and keep them informed and updated.
  • Serve our clients exceptionally well and our own success will follow.
  • The true value of our firm is in the length and depth of our client relationships.
  • Recruit the best people and keep them on our team.
  • Outwork the competition.
  • Achieve winning results.

As the number of clients began to grow, Attorney Martinous began assembling a winning team of professionals. He began hiring the best people in the industry, seeking the best and most ambitious recruits who shared his vision and core values.

Today, Martinous Law Associates has grown into a premier law firm that has helped thousands of real people. Our winning team consists of friendly, experienced and aggressive professionals dedicated to serving you. Various members of our team are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

We are immensely proud and humbled by the remarkable growth and success of Martinous Law Associates. We attribute our success to a strict adherence to the firm’s philosophies and core values.

Throughout the years,  our philosophy remained the same. This is demonstrated by the length and depth of our relationships. Our very first employee is still part of our team and our past and present clients continuously refer family and friends to us.

We offer our clients the power, strength and resources of a big firm with the personal attention and core values of a small firm.

We hope that you allow us the opportunity to help you with your legal needs.

Martinous Law Associates has helped thousands of real people, let us help you.

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